Chief Success Advisor/CEO

Gerren is the Chief Success Advisor of RN Consulting, LLC.

20+ years of coaching, mentoring, teaching and public speaking are attributed to his desire to see people progress in all areas of life.

13 years of youth football coaching along with coaching track, baseball, basketball and soccer, he clearly recognizes the need and understands the significance of ensuring youth and adults being guided in a positive direction. Development and Growth have no age limit and being the best version of self should always be the goal are words Gerren stand behind.

Experience, keen insight and profound wisdom layered with a Bachelor in Family and Consumer Science and Certification as a Life Coach make Gerren an enlightening and encouraging speaker.

Understanding his purpose, Gerren utilizes his strengths to assist to assist individuals of all ages and organizations of all sizes in accomplishing their goals or mission by identifying, appreciating, and actuating their strengths through valuable personal and professional development and growth coaching.

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